Venus Entering Sagittarius This Week: What Every Zodiac Can Expect 

As Venus enters your 9th House of Philosophy, Higher Learning, and Travel, you may feel a renewed enthusiasm for broadening your horizons.  

Your desire to learn more about the world around you might make you feel more attracted to cultural events and venues than normal. 

Those you're close to or conduct business with may be more willing to help you financially now that Taurus Venus has entered your 8th House of Intimacy and Shared Resources.  

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Intimacy and vulnerability exploration may take center stage during these weeks, as you may experience a surge of adventurous feelings.  

When Venus enters your chart in the 7th House of Partnerships, it could signal a turning point in your romantic relationships.

Since Sagittarius is all about breaking out of your shell, this is the perfect time to meet new people if you're single and willing to do some exploring. 

When you're committed to someone, you could discover that you both like attempting new things and discovering different aspects of each other.  

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