Typical dog behavior issues and solutions 

They bite, bark, don't listen, chew, and jump on people—far from the cheerful, waggy, playful dog you always imagined adding to your home. 

Common canine behaviour issues don't usually indicate a health issue. Also, it doesn't indicate you did something wrong or failed.  

We offer typical dog behavior issues and remedies to help you retrain your dog.  

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Understanding why your dog is acting a certain way is half the battle, and resolving problems isn't always hard. 

They could be anxious, irritated, in agony, exhausted, bored, or distressed because they are alone.  

Figure out what could set it off. Perhaps we can desensitize dogs by introducing them to a single trigger at a time. 

Another option is to simply provide your dog with high-quality toys that will challenge his or her brain. 

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