There are several reasons why dogs are superior to cats. 

It is the most important issue that pet owners must ask themselves: which is more suitable: a dog or a cat? 

Cat lovers, also known as ailurophiles, will quickly arch their backs and 

sharpen their claws to explain to you the reasons why cats are the most amazing animals in the world. 

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On the other hand, dog lovers, also known as cynophiles, will try to convince you otherwise in a more endearing manner.  

These two animals are the most popular house pets, and people will never be able to agree on which one is better. 

Though dogs are more devoted to their families, cats prefer to keep to themselves; dogs are more entertaining, while cats are neater. 

Dogs are perfect for people who want a loyal friend that will always be there for them with a warm smile, a wagging tail, and a loving gaze.  

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