Sandwich recipes that you just must try. 

One of the lesser-known cousins of the delectable Vietnamese sandwich known as bánh mì is the dish known as num pang. 

A crusty baguette is stuffed with spiced meatballs, pickled fennel,  

and fresh herbs in this recipe, which originates from the sunny coasts of Cambodia. 

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Can you spare some of the chicken? With this mouthwatering dish for chicken salad, you can immediately transform it into lunch.  

This exceptional sandwich filler is made by combining cooked chicken, herbs, and scallions,  

which are then joined together with a creamy sauce and dotted with tangy-sweet cranberries for the right pops of flavor.  

It should be slathered on some brioche burger buns, along with some fresh lettuce and tomatoes that are juicy. 

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