List of the Deadliest Dog Varieties 

Despite the fact that every dog is unique and shouldn't be evaluated only by looking at its breed, prospective owners should know what to expect before bringing a dog into their home. 

Many people view American Pit Bull Terriers with suspicion because of their large stature, formidable power, and lengthy history of involvement in canine combat. 

The blood sport of bull-baiting originally pitted dogs against bulls, and American Pit Bull Terriers were bred for that purpose.  

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Although it was criminalized in England in 1835, this practice persisted for a number of additional decades in the US.  

This led to the public perceiving American Pit Bull Terriers as vicious and potentially harmful dogs. 

In addition to being big and powerful dogs, they pose a danger to humans and other animals alike.  

It is crucial to exercise extreme caution when dealing with them because their bite is capable of inflicting severe injuries or even death. 

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