Easy, Stress-Free Christmas Cookies

Peanut butter flower fans must try these chocolate biscuits with caramel-filled milk chocolate kisses. Best of all, they're edible in 25 minutes.

These cute little fellows sell fast, so make a few batches. Add confectioners' sugar for richer icing.

Less is more with these classic cookies. Sprinkle edible shimmer dust and sugar pearls on them.

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These three-ingredient pastry sticks go well with coffee or homemade hot cocoa. A reader suggests cinnamon-sugar coating the pastry dough before baking.

Maraschino cherries are encased in butter, flour, and quick-cooking oats dough, dipped in sugar and milk, then rolled in coconut.

With or without a pastry blender, this recipe is easy. Two knives cut the butter and flour together for a crumbly, delicate cookie crust.

Make these ahead of time and freeze them in a single layer on a sheet pan. Store the cookies in a flat-bottomed airtight freezer container

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