Displeased Easiest Signs from the Zodiac  

Have you ever avoided the deadly 'boom' of hurt feelings by carefully selecting your words like a minefield walker?  

A Cancerian's emotional honesty is paramount, and they have a hound's nose for dishonesty. 

They may withdraw inside themselves when they feel unworthy or when they experience insecurity, which can lead to feelings of hurt and miscommunication. 

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These people are emotionally limitless because Neptune is their governing planet.  

Differentiating between their own emotions and those of other people is difficult for them. 

Scorpio, like Pisces and Cancer, is a water sign, but its water is the quiet, deep kind that flow through caves below. 

Pluto, ruler of Scorpios and the underworld, is a sign that these signs long for genuine connections and the truth. 

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