Differentiating Loving from In Love 

Recognizing the distinctions is crucial if you're hoping for love that's full of enchantment and butterflies. 

In case you ever wondered what the difference was between liking someone and being infatuated with them, here are eight key distinctions. 

You will most certainly identify with this list if you have ever experienced the heartbreak of breaking up with the man you believed to be your soulmate.  

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You get to choose whether you'll focus on their positive traits, accept them as they are, and encourage them in your relationship.  

Not caring about someone is another option; it's as simple as walking away and forgetting about them.  

One cannot choose to be in love. It's not something you can actively prevent, and it can occur even if you don't want it to.  

Anyone has the power to choose to love.You will take the emotion of love with you when you depart. 

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