8 Signs That Will Tell You If Your Cat Is in Pain

Changes in cats' activity indicate pain, says Nancy Vail-Archer, DVM, medical director of NorthStar Vets Veterinary Emergency Trauma & Specialty Center 

Pet parents regard it as one of the most prevalent changes in sick or hurting cats.

Although peeing or pooping outside the litter box falls under “change in behavior,” this is another sign of a problem with your cat. They may have arthritis or a urinary tract infection 

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If your generally calm cat starts meowing, wailing, or moaning, especially when you touch a location on their body or while they use the litter box

Limping is a clear symptom of cat pain since you can see the affected area. Limping always indicates pain.

A sick, uncomfortable, or in pain cat will crouche or curl. Stomach ache may prevent a cat from stretching.

Dog lovers are social, whereas cat owners are more reserved. However, their trustworthiness and trust in others are high.

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