5 Best Golf Bunker Tips

Fix the Setup Bunker shots are difficult if your address position is wrong. Open the clubface. You must open the face before setting your grip.

Next, shuffle your feet into the sand for stability. Last but not least, add knee flexion and weight on the lead foot.

Line Drill Time to perfect the strike. My favorite drill is to draw two straight lines in the sand to symbolize the ball and where the wedge hits the sand first.

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A golf ball should separate the lines. Put one ball at the top of the line and stand with the club at the opposite end.

Strike The Match Drill Draw an enlarged matchbox and a line across the middle on the sand. Target the center line. This swing drill uses clubhead momentum to generate speed

Two-Ball Drill This drill is simple and effective. Lay the first ball in the sand and lie. Create an indentation in the sand behind the initial ball with a second ball

Loft On Drill The greatest golf bunker advice have taught you how to set the foundation, strike, and speed. Shuffle sand onto the face with your wedge.

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