22 Greatest NBA Point Guards

Magic Johnson revolutionized point guard with his stature, abilities, and leadership. Johnson joined the Lakers when they lacked personality more than talent

Steph Curry smashes basketball geometry nightly. The Warriors' offense is unmatched due to his off-ball movement, shooting range, vision, and gravity

Younger basketball fans disrespect the Big O for his triple-doubles and hip nickname. Robertson was unstoppable as a 6'5" guard with many ball skills and intangibles

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Bad Boy Pistons leader interrupted the Magic Johnson/Larry Bird party in unexpected ways, but his short career prohibits him from moving up this ranking.

Steven Nash's passing skills outweighed his shooting prowess. Nash's career would have resembled Steph Curry's with more flexibility and a different era

Chris Paul's point guard longevity is unequaled. CP3 has improved the New Orleans Hornets, Los Angeles Clippers, Houston Rockets, Phoenix Suns

John Stockton's assist numbers were slightly inflated in Utah with Karl Malone, but the record books don't use qualifiers

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