10 Scientific Benefits of Cat Ownership

 Cats, which eat less and prefer fish to corn- or beef-flavored food, have the carbon footprint of a tiny hatchback.

Pet ownership can help you cope with the sadness of losing a loved one. Cats help grievers recover faster and with fewer bodily signs like sobbing.

Having a dog will improve your dating prospects, yet 90% of single women indicated in one survey that cat-owning males are “nicer” than others.

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Cat owners were smarter, according to a 2014 Wisconsin study of 600 college students

Cats reduce tension and anxiety, probably because they demand less work than dogs. Cats are comforting to pet.

The idea that dogs are friendlier than cats is a stereotype. Cats may be as loving as dogs, especially for women.

Dog lovers are social, whereas cat owners are more reserved. However, their trustworthiness and trust in others are high.

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